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Reality First Summer Collection 'Zero'

Written by Eden Black


Posted on September 20 2019

Reality Collection 'Zero'

Our Summer brief was to develop Vintage Inspired  Fashion Forward Eyewear that is infinitely wearable. The Collection includes a number of frames with 'Zero' base lenses - which is completely flat lens with a 'Zero base Curve' The lens delivers both a Vintage yet Futuristic look. Styles such as Parker and The Foundry have this 'Zero' base lens. Our Creative Team have focused specifically on design principles that enhance and compliment the shape of all faces. Our design criteria ensures all of our frames provide a complimentary look on every face. Our promise is that every Reality frame should suit you. As a Reality fan you may prefer square over round yet both of the shapes should suit you and compliment your face. When choosing a Reality frame its not a matter of if our frames will look good on you its a matter of what is your preferred frame of choice. Our designers have worked over a number of years to develop these design principles and share this technology with you through our designs.

Our frames are loved by fashion aficionados to Oscar winning actors and simply anyone who appreciates great style and craftsmanship.

Reality has sold various collections to major retailers including Barneys New York, Fred Segal / Ron Herman, Galeries D’Optique

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